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Are you looking for a practical and economical way of protecting your caravan, boat, or car? A strong, quality, and long lasting carport from our company will be the best solution.

From elegant gabled carports to economical flat-roofed carports, we can get you a customized carport that will withstand the Sydney weather while still suiting your personal needs.

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National Tradies specializes in designing custom patios and carports across Sydney, NSW. We have more than a decade of experience in building carports. We acknowledge the importance of carports and how they reflect the style and appearance of your property.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure you get your desired results each and every time. They will cooperate with you when customizing a carport design best suited to your budget and style.

Carport Design and Installation

Our company will design and install a carport structure that will compliment your home while still blending with the architectural design of your home rather than a structure that appears to have been built like an afterthought. Consistency in design will enhance the overall value of the property and keep local authorities satisfied.

Our team of designers will give your home a seamless design no matter how you want the carport installed. We will surely get it right regardless of the roof pitch and whether you want it installed as a freestanding structure or have it attached to your home.

When planning for a new carport in your property, you might as well consider adding protection to the property.  For instance, you can shield front windows and doors from harsh sunshine, strong winds, and heavy rain.

You can contact us and share your requirements when making a plan for the design to ensure that your needs are considered at the early design stages and offer you the best solution.

Carport Styles

Our goal is building patios and carports that best suit your preference and design options. As such, we offer different roof styles and designs to choose from including:

  • Pyramid roof
  • Hip-end gables
  • Dutch gables
  • Flat skillion roof


We always use long-lasting, high-performance, and custom-build materials for toughness to protect motor vehicles and other valuable assets. Considering the fact that the climate in Australia is unpredictable, we only build carports using materials made specifically to withstand this climate.

All our materials are reliable, pre-painted, and low-maintenance. Thus, we construct carports that can withstand hailstorms, extreme wind, rain, and hot sunshine for many years to come.

You can also choose carports with steel roofing for enhanced durability and in a broad array of colors to blend with the existing home décor and architecture.


We’ll design a customized carport that will suit your vehicle and we’ll design it according to the dimensions you specify.

Whether you need a carport for parking, locking, and leaving your vehicle, or just for use as an extra storage space, our team of experts will recommend the ideal roof height and post location to guarantee convenience any time you need to open your car doors and boot. Miscalculations may result in costly damages to your vehicle.

The best carport size should measure:

  • 3000mm by 6000mm for one large car


  • 6000mm by 6000mm double carport

The double option will be ideal for accommodating two average cars while still having enough room for opening car doors without resulting in any damage.

A carport is great for protecting cars and other assets from harsh elements. You can have it installed as standalone structure or attached onto another structure. Moreover, carports enhance the appeal and value of your property. Other benefits of installing a carport include:

  • Energy efficiency- The costs of electricity are ever rising. Hence, it would only make sense to have a structure that will not consume power unlike traditional garages. Carports create an open area that does not require electrical lighting. It does not have a door such that no power will be required to operate it, unlike garage roller doors.
  • Enhancing the value of your home- If you go for the right style and design by getting professional advice from our experts, you will get results that enhance the appearance of your home. Furthermore, our carports are ideal for making any property appear more attractive, thereby increasing its value.
  • Shade- Carports are ideal for providing shade, especially in the NSW area during the hot summer months. Moreover, carports are attractive and create a great spot for kids to play without any worries about the hot summer sun.
  • Extra space- You can easily maximize the existing space around your property by installing a carport. It will create a new shelter park for your caravan, boat, or car while freeing up space from other areas of your property such as an existing garage.

Carport Prices

The price for a carport in Sydney varies depending on its design, style, materials used, and the size. We offer full patio and carport installation services throughout Sydney and surrounding areas, including one year financing without interest.

Our plans are flexible enough to suit any budget. For instance, you can pay for the new carport before installation or even weekly, monthly, and fortnightly.

You can request for a quote today to know the total cost for installing a carport. We offer free onsite quotes within 24 hours upon request.

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